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Millennium Engineering Construction Consultancy Inc (MECC) offers a broad range of professional and technical services for Land Surveying, Land Development and Land Information Management for both the private and public sector in the Tanzania.

We combine engineering, planning, surveying, mapping, environmental and land surveying expertise into a seamless service. We have best team of surveyors who have done tremendous surveying work in Tanzania and east africa in general

MECC offer the wide range of surveying services includes:

  • Cadastral and, Architectural Survey
  • Construction Layout and Stakeout
  • Leveling and Engineering Survey
  • Road surveying
  • Mapping and Geographic Information Systems Applications (G.I.S.)
  • Consulting services related with the practice of cadastral surveying

MECC mission is to provide clients with a quality professional survey service based on state of the art equipment, technology and professionalism.

Highlights of our services:

  • Understand the client’s unique requirements
  • Use state-of-the-art equipment and technology
  • Provide professional quality service in time and on budget
  • Implement and maintain a quality control, accuracy of work and assurance policy
  • Provide the appropriate service and guaranteed satisfaction

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