Power Backup & Generators

Millennium Engineering & Construction Consultants Inc MECC has a team of Electro Mechanical Engineers specialized in the installation, commissioning, preventive maintenance, servicing and overhauling of Diesel Generators and Gasoline Generators.


Since our inception in the industry, we have managed to supply large number of generators to hotels, government offices, service industries and homes.


We have position ourselves in this highly competitive indusrty by giving priority to quality and affordable service above everything else to our customers. Commitment to customer satisfaction is our goal, we achieved by pursuit of excellence in all aspects with high technical skills, communication and team work. This helps us to reduce delays in delivery and provides high degree of flexibility in meeting customer demands.


Below are summary of services we offer:


Some of our Generators are:

Containerized Generator > Diesel Generator > Generator set Power range is from 550kVA to 2200kVA.
Powered By Cummins Diesel Engine and matched with Stamford Alternator.
Mini Diesel Generator Set.
Lovol Diesel Generator Set.
Perkins Diesel Generator Set.
Lester Diesel Generator Set.

If you require more informations, or having any concerns or question, you can fill out the form or send us an email, dedicated engineer will contact you within two business days