Civil Engineer Projects

List below is the summary of construction projects we have successful completed and ongoing projects.

If you have questions, forward them to projects manager, he will get back to you withn two business days


Client Project Location Year Completed
Health sector Support Program (DANIDA) Three Unit health center Pemba 2005
Care International Construction of visiting center at Ngezi forest Pemba 2005
Ministry of Health and Social walfare Construction of Wete Medical store Pemba 2006
Ministry of Health and Social walfare Rehabilitation of Laboratory building Chake chake, Pemba 2007
Ministry of Health and Social walfare Renovation of Medical store at Mnazi mmoja Zanzibar 2008
Ministry of Agriculture- Department of Irrigation (Project Under South Korea Assistance) Development and Rehabilitation of Agriculture Groundwater at Bumbwi Sudi and Kibokwa Scheme. (Borehole Drilling and Construction Works) Zanzibar 2009
Name Construction of residential house at Mbweni Zanzibar Municipality 2009
Sahel Investment and Resorts Construction of Wambaaa Hotel Wambaa, Pemba Current
ZI Villa at matemwe and Sogas of Unguja Construction of Hotels ZI Villa and Kizimkazi in Unguja Current
Residential Homes Construction of Houses Urban Unguja Current